Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Biking Family Fun

We had so much fun biking with Gavin's whole family last weekend.  The is an amazing trail not to far from where we live.  We love to go there whenever we can.  There is so much beauty in the world around us!

 Gavin's parents are going on their mission this weekend, so we took family pictures of each family.  So this is ours.

Here is Amy with two of our cute nieces.  They always have so much fun together.  They were skipping rocks (or at least attempting to) just before this picture was taken.  Amy needs to bring her camera more often so that we can have more pictures with Gavin in them!

About Me

This blog is all about our desires to start our family. So far it hasn't worked out for us. We did get pregnant back in 2009. I only carried it for 10 weeks. We have had no luck since then. Gavin and I have always been very pro adoption. So here we are. We were chosen by an amazing, sweet young woman, she chose us right after finding out that she was pregnant. We loved her so much. But sadly she lost the baby when she was 16 weeks along. So we are still waiting for that special baby to come into our home. We wanted to start this blog to help you get to know us a bit better. I just think that it's different seeing a blog rather than just reading a profile. Enjoy! And don't be afraid to leave comments!